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HR Management System

The 24Seven Technologies Personnel and Payroll Management system is designed to help companies in any industry, or any size, bring the difficult and often cumbersome task of HR record keeping and government reporting under complete control. Extensive employee information is available at your fingertips, which aids in protecting your company's most valuable asset -- your people! A single key stroke allows you to immediately access key employee information such as salary history, performance appraisals, attendance history, training skills, job history, insurance/benefits, medical updates and much more.

Extensive levels of security can be implemented at the menu, program, company and/or division/department levels. You can even secure the employee pay fields to not appear for certain HR users.
The 24Seven Technologies Personnel and Payroll Management system is a very comprehensive solution for today's demanding world of payroll and HR With enhanced built-in functionalities and flexibility of design any corporate can take advantage of features such as unlimited allowances and leaves, unlimited deductions and benefits, salary revisions, and numerous reports to solve their sophisticated hiring, HR and payroll requirements.
Among the outstanding benefits of the Payroll system is its ease-of-use. It is menu driven with pop-up windows, cursor sensitive online help text, and thorough documentation. You will also find the system very easy to implement.

The application consists of three subsystems, which are as following:
• HR Bank
• HR Organization
• Personnel
• Payroll

• Department and Designation wise management
• Multiple security levels
• Flexible definition of Allowances to Employees
• Allowances can be any of a fixed amount or a percentage of basic salary
• Employee level taxable status for each Allowance
• Leave balance/limits tracking
• Federal and state tax tables provided with annual support
• Local tax tables can be set up

Contact us to discuss more about HR Management System(HRMS). We are always here to answer your queries.

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